A few words about the WITO Design Studio

The WITO Design Studio was founded by Tomasz Więckowski, a graduate of Kielce University of Technology, who has been associated for more than 20 years with the renowned Skanska Design Office. Based on experience, he has created a Studio, where not only construction projects arise, but also energy analysis and simulations of buildings, technical expertises or BIM modeling. If you are interested, please contact us.

Presentation of the Studio

What we offer?


Tomasz Więckowski - Designer of Sanitary and Mechanical Installations.
Graduate of Kielce University of Technology, the Faculty of Environmental Engineering (1996).
In 2004 he got the proper eligibility (nr SWK/0064/POOS/04) to designing without limits (installation speciality) in the area of networks, heating, ventilation, gas, water and sewage installations and devices.
For 20 years he was associated with the Skanska Design Office. He has completed over 100 projects (Portfolio).
He is an expert in balancing sanitary installations.

3D Design

WITO Design Studio develops 3D projects using state-of-the-art software.

“3D Design is the solution used in the world on a large scale. Every day it's becoming more popular in our country due to many benefits to all participants of the investment process. By using BIM designers are now able to develop projects for the most complex buildings. 3D printing used in our office simplify cost estimation and execution of installation work” - Tomasz Więckowski, owner of the WITO Design Studio.