Skanska’s Recommendation

Tomasz Więckowski started working for Skanska in October 1996 as Designer's Assistant, from 09/2004 to 03/2007 he worked as a Designer, while from 04/2007 to 05/2016 he was Chief Designer. At the same time he was also Manager of Sanitary and Mechanical Installers Team. In the period from 05/2016 to 09/2016, he has been the Head of the Laboratory of the Project Office in Kielce and as an expert in his field since March 2015 he coached (as an internal trainer) training in the field of "Balancing the sanitary installations".


Throughout the period of cooperation, Tomasz Więckowski has become known as a responsible, diligent and systematic employee. He is a communicative and independent person, who has ability to work in a team and high personal culture.

He has a great deal of knowledge and experience, which he was eager to share with others. He showed great initiative in solving problems and looking for optimization and savings on the project. He enjoyed recognition and respect among superiors and collaborators.

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Mirosław Dyrak, Menadżer projektu, Skanska S.A.